Q : What is this service all about?
A : As an iPhone developper, you can earn an extra 7% on your app sales by launching the AppStore from within your apps using a specially crafted affiliate URL. Unfortunately this affiliate URL is different from country to country. That's where Afflr.com helps you: a single Afflr.com URL transparently redirects your traffic to the proper regional affiliate program. We help you maximize your iTunes affiliate revenue the easy way!

Q : How do I sign up to the affiliate programs?
A : Have a look at the resources in the right to sign up to the different programs (TradeDoubler Europe, TradeDoubler Brazil, TradeDoubler Latin America and PHG for US and the rest of the world.)

Q : How am I getting paid?
A : We don't handle any payment. We only redirect you to the proper affiliate program.

Q : Is it really free? Are you replacing my affiliate ID with yours at all?
A : It's free and we never replace your affiliate ID with ours. You get 100% of the traffic for the programs in which you're enrolled. If you're not enrolled in one of the programs, our own affiliate ID is used for this specific program. You're welcome to use afflr even if you're enrolled in every program!

Q : I'm an iPhone app developper, can I use afflr to link to my other apps in the appstore?
A : Yes! That's exactly why afflr exists. Apple even encourages the use of affiliate links from within apps to generate extra revenues. You can find more info about it here

Q : Is a single iTunes link valid for every regional iTunes store?
A : If you're linking to apps then yes, the iTunes links are universal. For music and videos it's slightly more complicated as it's not uncommon to have different content IDs in different stores due to right issues. Afflr transparently forwards your request and doesn't check the validity of your links.

Q : How do I find my PHG Affiliate Token?
A : Your Affiliate Token is displayed in the upper right corner of your PHG dashboard.

Q : How do I find my TradeDoubler Program ID and Affiliate ID?
A : The format Afflr expect is ProgramID/AffiliateID (ex.: 23708/1622681). To get your Program ID click on the Advertisers menu on Tradedoubler then on My Programs and click on "Run Report". Your program info will be shown, the Program ID is in the "ID" column. To get your Affiliate ID, go back on TradeDoubler main screen, click on your site/app name, its Affiliate ID will be shown there. Alternatively you can find the Program ID as the "p" parameter in a TradeDoubler URL and the Affiliate ID as the "a" parameter.

Q : Should I join every single TradeDoubler regional program?
A : No! You just need to join one of the European programs to get your share for European users. You need a separate account for Latin America (any program as well) and another one for Brazil.

Q : Is the service reliable?
A : We use afflr in our own apps and receive tens of thousands of requests every day. We're doing our best to keep it fast and reliable.

Q : How do you select the proper affiliate program for a given request?
A : To dispatch the requests we rely on a commercial geolocation database that converts IP addresses to country information. We make sure to keep it up to date to be as accurate as possible.

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